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C-C 33 Cat Ketch – Simplicity –

This boat I designed for my own use back in the Eighty’s and its good features are still applicable to-day.

It was intended to be a light displacement roomy, easily sailed, live aboard boat that could be careened on the beach (Halyard to a tree.), float in a foot of water so that she could be left to dry out on Queensland’s mud flats and not be pounded on the bottom as the tide came in. The rig is THE SIMPLIST both to create and operate. The centre cockpit spans the full beam of the boat, great for reef fishing, straight over the side. In fact the whole layout is unique yet very practical. Construction was of cedar strip plank and now I have updated her to use the Compu-Craft Alloy Frame system and this makes her an even better boat.

C-C 33 Yacht

C-C 33 Yacht 001 

The anchor chain was stowed amidships (Under the cockpit floor.) and the only gadget on board, was a manual/electric winch with a vertical capstan, mounted beside the mizzen mast. This could be used for almost any purpose, including, raising the anchor, the sails (If I was lazy or injured.), the centreboard and the tender or any other task that required brute force.

Dimensions :-

LOA 34’   10.6m

Beam 11’   3.36m

Draft (Hull)  0’ 11”

Draft (Ballasted C/B)  5’ 3”   1.6m


Compu-Craft C-C 33-36 Cruising Yachts



If the contents of this Study Plan Pack > C-C 33-36  9.8-11 Sailing Yachts, is of interest to you it can be downloaded and saved to your computer for viewing. 


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C-C 34 Cruising Yacht

These boats DO GO Places



C-C 34 Cropped 0045



C-C Range Of Cruising Centre Board Yachts.



I designed one for my own use, more than Twenty years ago and many variations of it have been built. They have ranged in size from 26 feet to about 60 feet. My version had a Cat Ketch rig with unstayed masts and fully battened sails prestressed like a windsurfer. (No headsails.)  It had a centre cockpit and separate aft cabin.  They have proven to be fast light FUN boats to sail, with spacious accommodation and many unique features that set them aside from all others.

To date all of these boats have been built of cedar strip plank (W.E.S.T.) system and the secret of their performance, is their light displacement. A trend that has been inevitable in Yacht Design for more than One Hundred years and still many people avoid it like a contagious disease.

Now this version uses the Compu-Craft alloy frame KIT system, which will make it even lighter and MORE FUN. I have always loved light boats, their eager responsiveness make them greater FUN to sail.

Now any handy-man can assemble in record time a LOW COST, spacious cruising home, which requires NO WELDING, NO SPECIAL TOOLS or SKILLS and use one of several options available for the exterior skin that meets the builder’s preferences.

The C-C 35 is offered with the choice of several rigs, spacious accommodation, ultra shallow draft (board up), and the ability to dry-out between tides and sit upright on the sand. A true Queensland boat that is easy to live with.

For those who still doubt the ability of light displacement yachts. One of these designs has sailed single handed and without a motor from Brisbane to Canada, another was in Japan last I heard and several have sailed the length of the East coast of Oz and I guess the pacific islands and NZ.


C-C 33-36 Yacht 003



A Mini-keel Version


There has been several of these built.

Features; One, they stand upright on the keel and two offset skeg rudders.

Two, they manoeuvre under power well without lowering the centreboard.  

Three, the ballast can be divided between the keel and the board and this makes raising the board much easier.

Four, there is a sump where bilge and sullage water can be collected.

C-C 33-36 Yacht 002

C-C 33-36 Yacht 001.jpg



NOTE :- This range of designs is available from 28 feet to 50 feet  in length and with a variety of rigs ( 1 to 3 masts) and panel over alloy frame or cedar strip plank construction.

They can use the ballasted dagger centreboard as depicted here and benefit from the ultra shoal draft when the board is up. They can have a mini-keel and centreboard, (Dagger or swing back.) with the ballast in either the board or keel (Lightweight board.) or a combination of both.

Also a cockpit aft and various accommodation layouts have been used in the past.

C-C 33 Yacht




Fitting The Centreboard – Fabricated From S.S Plate And Part Filled With Cold Moulded Lead Ballas 


C-C 33 Yacht 001


C-C Sail Training FUN Yacht



This design was created as “Training Vessel” to teach the young EVERY ASPECT of sailing, sail handing, trimming and tuning. The boat is light and responsive, so that every change will affect its performance. Each crew would have a sail that he is responsible for and when he gets it right, everyone will be aware of its significance.
There is three pipe berths in the forepeak, a large well deck amidships and galley and dinette in the aft cabin with a head of the aft cockpit.
She has more sail than is needed to windward in a breeze but this means a lot of sail changing to keep her at maximum performance under different headings as well as wind strengths.

Every outing would be another step up the learning curve.


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