C-C 21-32 Sailing


C-C 21-32 Sailing Catamarans


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21-32 Feet Or 6.4-9.8 Metres LOA



C-C 21 Fixed Beam Trailer Sailer Catamaran


 C-C 21 FixedTrailer Sailer Catamaran


I built and sailed a cat very similar to this for many years. It was FAST and FUN but the variable beam (13’ 6” for sailing) I now believe was unnecessary. I think the wings are a better way to provide FUN This is a simple, stand the mast, push it off the trailer and you’re away concept. That was not the case with the variable beam boat, it took time to set it up and pack it up, time that is better spent SAILING.All the space in this boat is useable, the lay-out is unusual but it works and with heaps of stowage under the cockpit sole and both bunks it has more function than most.The outboard is fitted under the cockpit  and swings down into the water-it stayed fitted in place all the time and is far enough forward not to pitch out is a sea. The rudders are permanently fixed to the transoms, and one centreboard will do the job and will not protrude through the cabin top.The rig has a very stiff mast setup with no backstays or runners there is no fore beam (There can be a net.) the forestay is set from a bridle, all these features speed up the process of GOING FOR A SAIL.

Details :-LOA  22’    6.7m

Beam  8’ 2”   2.5m

Draft (CB Down)  4’ 3”   1.3m

Head Rm. 5’ 7”   1.7m 

C-C 21 Sailing Catamaran Kits and Plans 



C-C 29 Cruising Catamaran KIT

C-C 29 Sailing Catamarans and Kit Boats

C-C 29 Sailing Catamarans 001



Compu-Craft C-C 29 Cruising Catamaran KIT

This is the design that started the aluminium framed Compu-Craft  KIT method for catamaran construction, using a strong alloy tube frame (For light weight.) and marine plywood (For low cost.) covered with fibreglass outside (For protection.) and NO fibreglass inside AT ALL. No filleting, fairing or sanding back inside and the frame goes together in a SNAP using Compu-Craft C-C Clamps and joiners there is NO welding or special skills required at all. Your YOUNG SON could build this boat and it would go together QUICKER than you would imagine.

Here is a practical FAMILY boat with much more than is expected of TWENTY-NINE feet. If we board over the stern there is a full width boarding (swim) platform to a raised centre cockpit with under floor lockers and seats for more than a dozen people. There is immediate access to the mast, the nav. bay and the foredeck, from the central steering position. There is, on deck stowage for the dinghy. In the starboard hull there is an aft double cabin, a dinette and a galley nearly Eight feet long with lkrs to burn and an oversize single bunk. Headroom is 2m. In the port hull there is another double bunk, a lounge you can lay back in and watch TV or read a book. (This is only a 29 footer.) There is a nav. bay that will take a full chart out flat and ahead of the companionway is a large single bunk with all round vision. (Great for anchor watch.) Alongside this is a vanity and an enclosed shower and toilet. The rig is NO GIMMICKS fixed mast cutter style that is well stayed and simple to use. This really is a GREAT family boat with room to live aboard and it SAILS. 

Dimensions :-LOA    9.35m (30’ 8”)

Beam  6m  (19’ 8”)

Draft Hull Only  0.3m  (1’)

Draft C/B Down  1.5m  (5’)

Hd/Room Hulls 2m  (6’ 6”)



 C-C 31 Motor Sailer Catamaran

Here Is A Versatile Family Sailing And Or Power Catamaran That Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

C-C 31 Motor Sailer Catamaran Profile

C-C Motor Sailer Catamaran 001


C-C 31 Motor Sailer Catamaran

The first thing that is unusual for Compu-Craft is this design has no centreboard it has MINI KEELS, for a motor sailer this some advantages. The boat will sit on the beach upright and level, second these keels will offer protection for the propellers, third they will make the boat very easy to manoeuvre  under power and of cause they provide lateral plane to help it go to windward under sail.

She also has aft cabins each with a double bunk and there is heaps of headroom everywhere in the accommodation. The saloon cabin contains the galley, dinette and steering position, the hulls have room for more bunks and the vanity area with access to the forward cabin area.

Power is provided by twin outboards located in each front corner of the cockpit and retract up into wells when under sail, this eliminates prop drag.

There is a spacious cockpit between the aft cabins with a full length seat on each side that can accommodate the whole family. In short she has stacks of room and can serve many activities as a real family boat.

Dimensions :-LOA  9.35m  (30’9”)

Beam  5.97m  (19’7”)

Draft  0.75m  (2’6”) 



C-C 31 Club Racer And C-C 31 Cruising Catamarans


C-C 31 Sailing Catamarans 004 

C-C 31 Sailing Catamarans 002



C-C 31 Club Racing Catamaran


(A Simple Version Of Above Boat)

C-C 31 Sailing Catamarans 003

C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran And C-C 31 Club Racing Catamaran 

The C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran and The C-C 31 Club Racer - Each is another lightweight D. I. Y. KIT BOAT that will go together quicker than a TV Chef¹s snack.

It comes to you as a bundle of fittings and fixtures together with a set of FULL SIZE plans and instructions to which you add the common easily obtainable items from a list that is part of the package, from this will evolve a spacious family cruiser that will have the performance to win races the ability to go places and the comfort to make it all a pleasure and above all GREAT FUN.

This boat is similar in all respects to the C-C 31 Racing Catamaran featured here except for it¹s underwater shape, it¹s aft cabin and full fit out of home comforts. The cruiser has a great double aft cabin with room to move, in each hull.  A lovely big galley like no other 31 footer and a dinette that seats six people.

In the other hull is a nav. area a lounging area (more bunks) and a toilet, shower and vanity enclosure. Because there is no main beam across the hulls at the mast position  Each hull has full headroom from the aft cabin forward for almost four metres (13 ft) with no beams, bulkheads, centreboards or the likes to get in the way. The topsides of each hull is flared out to increase the hull beam to 1.7m (5 ft 6 in). This really is a spacious little boat.

The cockpit on this boat encompasses all the area between the hulls from the aftbeam, six metres (almost 20 ft) forward. This provides easy access to the foredecks. (NO CLIMBING OVER THE CABIN TOPS.)

Down the centreline is a fore and aft beam that serves several purposes, it¹s a seat (a long seat), it¹s a mounting platform for sheet winches, cleats and hidden tackles. It houses the engine (in a pod), it¹s a stowage bin, a fuel tank, an anchor well and it contains the spinnaker pole (a tackle pulls it out for use). Either side of this backbone beam is a hard cockpit floor, against the cabin sides is a fixed cockpit seat with stowage under and another fold-up seat that increases outdoor seating to party proportions. Remember this boat is a SNACK to build it¹s a KIT BOAT.

Keep your eye out for the release of this very practical FAMILY FUN PROJECT. 

Dimensions :-

LOA  9.67m  (31’ 8”) 

Beam  6.46m  (21’ 3”)

Draft Hull 0.3m (1’) C/B Down  1.5m  (4’10”)


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