C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran

C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran KIT

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This is another lightweight D. I. Y. KIT BOAT that will go together quicker than a TV Chef's snack. It comes to you as a bundle of fittings and fixtures together with a set of FULL SIZE plans and instructions to which you add the common easily obtainable items from a list that will appear on this site, from this will evolve a spacious family cruiser that will have the performance to win races the ability to go places and the comfort to make it all a pleasure and above all GREAT FUN.

This boat is similar in all respects to the C-C 31 Racing Catamaran featured above except for it's underwater shape, it's aft cabin and full fitout of home comforts comprising a great double aft cabin with room to move, in each hull. A lovely big galley like no other 31 footer around, and a dinette thats seats six people.

In the other hull is a nav. area a lounging area (more bunks) and a toilet, shower and vanity enclosure. Because there is no main beam across the hulls at the mast.  Each hull has full headroom from the aft cabin foreward for almost four metres (13 ft) with no beams, bulkheads, centreboards or the likes to get in the way. The topsides of each hull is flaired out to increase the hull beam to 1.7m (5 ft 6 in). This really is a spacious little boat.

The cockpit on this boat encompasses all the area between the hulls from the aftbeam, six metres (almost 20 ft) foreward. This provides easy access to the foredecks.(NO CLIMBING OVER THE CABIN TOPS.) Down the centreline is a fore and aft beam that serves several purposes, it¹s a seat (a long seat), it¹s a mounting platform for sheet winches, cleats and hidden tackles. It houses the engine (in a pod), it¹s a stowage bin, a fuel tank, an anchor well and it contains the spinnaker pole (a tackle pulls it out for use). Either side of this backbone beam is a hard cockpit floor, against the cabin sides is a fixed cockpit seat with stowage under and another fold-up seat that increases outdoor seating to party proportions.

Remember this boat is a SNACK to build it's a KIT BOAT. Keep your eye out for the release of this very practical FAMILY FUN PROJECT.

C-C 31 Club Racing Catamaran (KIT)

The C-C 31 Mini Racing Rocket. This is the lightweight performance version of the C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran. The GOOD thing about both of these boats is their method of construction. They are D. I. Y. KIT BOATS, this process is CHEAP and QUICK. It uses common low cost materials that require no special tools or skills. Another GREAT thing about this method, is there NO fibreglassing or fairing AT ALL in the interior of the boat. The only fibreglass used with this process is for weather protection. To learn more, read about our other KIT BOATS and how they are built.

This boat has no beams or bulkheads pf any consequence in more than Seven Metres (23 ft) of each hull and combined with the flaired topsides there is miles of interior space and I’ve left as just that (SPACE). There is a small pop-in galley unit and a similar sized toilet shower area, a nav. Bay and the rest of both hulls is left vacant. It is intended to temporarily hang hammocks or pipe berths in this space, just enough to meet the needs of each race (none at all, if it’s a day race). This way the boat will always be sailing at it’s lightest weight. The other difference with this boat is that, there is a spacious working cockpit in the stern of each hull. This is the best place to sail the boat from, it is where the crew weight can do the most good.

THIS BOAT is for the KEEN RACING MAN that wants his BOATING ON A BUDGET, with a DASH of GO.

I can guarantee GREAT FUN FOR THE DOLLAR from this boat.

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