C-C 36-40 11-12.2 Sailing

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C-C 36-40  11-12.2 Sailing Catamarans



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 C-C 36 Sailing Catamaran


The first boat to this design was built of cold moulded plywood, the result was a very light boat that floated above her marks, she also sailed like a witch and is still in A1 condition today and providing all the pleasures I hoped she would when I designed her many years ago. She would be a contender for a redraw of her lines to accommodate the Compu-Craft Alloy Frame building method.





DSCF0005 C-C 36



DSCF0006 C-C 36





C-C 37 Alloy Frame KIT Cruising Catamaran

C-C 37 Sailing Catamarans


C-C 37 Sailing Catamarans 001


















C-C 37 Sailing Catamaran Cropped




C-C Alloy Frame KIT Sailing Catamaran > Study Plans > 32-38 Sailing Catamarans





C-C 37 Sailing Cat KIT




DSCF0008 C-C 37 Sailing Catamaran Cropped 


Compu-Craft 37 Alloy Framed Cruising Catamaran




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C-C 40 – 44 Sailing Catamarans


40-44 Feet Or 12.2-13.5 Metres LOA

This page is a presentation of the contents of the Study Plan Pack Located left hand column > Study Plan Packs > Sailing Catamarans > C-C 40-44   12.2-13.5m, along with some additional comments. The above S/P pack can be downloaded and saved to your computer for viewing and individual prints of each photo, drawing and details.


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C-C 40 Shoal Draft Cruising Catamaran

C-C 40 Shoal Draft Cat Cropped












C-C 40 Sailing Catamaran 001


A Forty Footer without centreboards ; Usually I fit at least One board in my cats as I have sailed on too many without boards, that just DO NOT go to windward. But this ONE I am pretty happy with.

The mini keels are about One metre deep and are faired into an effective shape and into the hull that also allows the inboard diesels to be set lower (under the floor). The hull, deck cabin and cockpit are all of cedar strip plank over marine ply bulkheads.

The rig is tri-stayed cutter without back stays. The large cockpit has fuel tanks and storage under the floor and this raises the floor so as the crew can see over the cabin. In the aft end of the cabin is a magic galley that is 2m by 4.6m in front of this is a very comfortable dinette and lounge area 4m by 2.5m. In the hulls are Two double cabins a couple of single berths the Tlt. Shr. and vanity along with the engines under the floors.

A family of Five have lived onboard for several years cruising the Barrier Reef along the Queensland coast. 

Dimensions :-

LOA   12.5m  (41’)

Beam  6.925m  (22’ 9”)

Draft    1.1m  ( 3’ 8”) Yes she can take the hard.





C-C 40 Fast Cruising Catamaran

C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran


C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran 001


C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran 003



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