C-C 16

C-C 16 Trailer Sailer 


C-C 16 Trailer Sailer

The C-C 16 is the TS 16 of to-day. I'll make no secret of the fact that I set out to create a handy little trailer sailer that would serve exactly the same purpose as the Hartley TS 16 did so long ago. However it was also my intention to make some changes, such as :-

Reduce the displacement.

Make it even easier to sail.

Much simpler to build (using the Compu-Craft KIT method).

Provide more space in the cabin with additional headroom.

Make it easier to launch and retrieve to the trailer. (No deadwood under the hull.)

Make it an even quicker and better performing boat than the TS.

Keep the construction and maintenance costs to a minimum

Make it MORE FUN to build, own and to sail.

This is also the small sister to the C-C 20, a magic boat in itself. To build using the C-C KIT system means that ANYONE can assemble it, in a very short time, using NO special tools or skills and achieve a well finished, strong and able boat. Having a great deal of FUN in the process. The hull is built upside down using aluminium tubing for the frame, clipped together with C-C clamps and joiners. This method eliminates the need for welding or trade skills. The frames are fabricated directly off full size drawings so there is no chance of any error. The chines and stringers are sprung round the frames in the normal manner. This provides the structure to attach the skin (planking) of plywood or fibreglass composite panels. The cockpit and interior fit out use the same frame system. Then the deck (same method) is attached and if plywood is used for the skin, then a light layer of fibreglass is applied all over the exterior for weather protection and with a minimum of effort and a coat of paint, the job is done. The biggest advantage of this method is that it eliminates ANY NEED for fibreglassing, filling, fairing and its finishing off inside the boat at all. The most time consuming part of building any boat.  

She has a self draining cockpit with cut away transom for easy access and a seat up each side. The cabin has Two bunks a sink and a stove, the headroom of 1.62m (5' 4") is generous for a boat of 16 Ft. and with a beam of 2.396m (7' 10") there is room to move in the cabin. The centreboard is a ballasted dagger type so it consumes as little space as possible. The rig is a simple sloop with Four through battens and Three strings to pull.

Shortly I will list the materials needed to build from the KIT, in this space.  

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