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Here is an opportunity to do some serious

LIVE ABOARD cruising on a BUDGET

C-C 31 Sailing Yacht 005

C-C 31 Sailing Yacht 005

C-C 31 Retry


A very roomy boat with many of its features shown here, but there are more available.

A double aft cabin complete with a good size vanity, shower and tlt. area that has a proper door on it. (It is private.) The centre cockpit hides behind the saloon cabin and spans the full width of the boat. The motor is a four stroke outboard raised vertically in a box that fairs into the hull surface when in the up position. The galley is huge for a 31 footer with 6’ 9” of headroom and has an equally large dinette (Converts to a double bunk.) and another double bunk in the bows.

C-C 31 Sailing Yacht Cropped 001

These designs are available with several rig variations, as examples the above is intended for areas where conditions vary from flat calms, then with everything up she a large sail area to wetted surface ratio, the wind comes in, this rig can be progressively reduced by just dousing one sail after another. Each sail is only as big as a wind surfers main.

The one below was developed for use on Proas that have special needs. The result is a very light rig that is easy to handle and is ideal for single hander’s. There are many more like three Cat Ketches with free standing unstayed masts, one of these has prestressed fully battened sails or soft sails with a minimum number of short battens, there is even a Gunter rig.

The main dimensions are set out below.

LOA 31’ 8”   9.65m

Beam  10’ 6”   3.22m

Draft (Board Up)  0’ 11”   275mm

Draft (Board Down)  6’ 3”   1.9m

Hd. Room Galley  6’ 9”   2.04m

Hd. Rm. Aft Cabin  5’ 8”   1.72m + Pop-To

C-C 31 Sailing Yacht KIT 002





TO THE C-C 31 Range Of Aft Cabin

Cruising Yachts

C-C 31 Trailable Centreboard Yacht

 This is an interesting and exciting every man's FUN Yacht. She can be built from cedar strip plank (W.E.S.T.System) or Compu-Craft Easy-Build KIT method. A very quick and cost effective way to build a boat. 

This variation of the C-C 31 has been modified to meet the road regs.  for trailer boats in England where it is legal to tow boats up to 2.9m (9 ft. 6 ins.) wide.

Several other changes have also taken place – The increase of internal volume has produced room for – A head in the saloon cabin, larger dble. Bunk in the aft cab., headroom has been increased particularly in the aft cab. The saloon cabin houses the biggest galley ever seen on a 31 footer, a raised dinette that converts to a double bunk and another double in the bow. She has a centre cockpit that is safe and protected, aft of the cockpit is an aft cabin with a large enclosed toilet, shower and vanity, opposite is a great double bunk. The engine has been relocated to a recess through the transom, probably a much better place for it on a trailable boat. A new rig has been planed too, a cat ketch with unstayed  masts that just drop into a sleeve in the deck and the sails are pretensioned as with a wind surfer.

So there you have it –



LOA   9.652m (31’ 8”)

Beam  2.82m (9’ 3”)

Draft Hull Only  300mm (12”)

Draft C/B Down  1.9m (6’ 3”)

Hd. Rm. Galley   2.07m (6’ 10”)

Hd. Rm. Aft Cab.   1.75m (5’ 9”) 


NOTE :- This range of designs is available from 28 feet to 50 feet  in length and with a variety of rigs ( 1 to 3 masts) and panel over alloy frame or cedar strip plank construction.

They can use the ballasted dagger centreboard as depicted here and benefit from the ultra shoal draft when the board is up. They can have a mini-keel and centreboard, (Dagger or swing back.) with the ballast in either the board or keel (Lightweight board.) or a combination of both.

Also a cockpit aft and various accommodation layouts have been used in the past.

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht001


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