Compu-Craft C-C 36-40

Compu-Craft Yacht Designs   C-C 36 and  C-C 38Power Catamarans

The C-C 36 is aimed at the higher speed and consequently larger motors; it also has a different underwater shape to achieve these speeds. This design is available with the same displacement hull underwater form as the 38 to 80 foot range of power cats, as an alternative. These offer better fuel economy but are not as fast.

C-C 36 Details :-

LOA   11m  (36’)

Beam  5.38m  (17’ 8”)

This could run Outboards.

C-C 38 Power Catamaran 780 Wide

C-C 38 Power Catamaran With Flybridge 780 Wide

Now We Launch The C-C 38 – 40

Picture1 027

C-C 38-40 Power Catamaran 780 Wide

C-C 40 780 Wide

C-C 38 Power Catamaran 780 Wide 2nd

Compu-Craft C-C 38 - 40

The C-C  38 – 40 Power Catamarans are fitted with inboard diesels from 50 HP to 160 HP per hull. The smaller motors achieve a cruising speed of Nine knots and max. of 12 to 14 knots. The best results in my mind is 100 HP per side with a cruise speed 11 to 12 knots all day and a fuel burn of just over 1 litre per Mile (10 kts @ 2500 RPM). At 3800RPM she will better 18 kts.

These boats are very easy to live with, in any weather and will cruise the length of the Queensland coast before refuelling and with a draft of 0.8m (Less than 3’) can go into the most out of the way nature spots.They have been built in cedar strip plank (The best), balsa core, foam composite and moulded F/Glass, most have been built by DIY with very pleasing results.

There are several different accommodation layouts and a flybridge can be fitted put with an increase in windage that may use a little more fuel. 

Dimensions  :-

LOA 38’   (11.6m)

Beam  19’ 4”  (5.9m)

Draft   2’ 8”   (0.8m)

Fuel  < 1500 Litres

Water  800 Litres 

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