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40-44 Feet Or 12.2-13.5 Metres LOA

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C-C 40 Shoal Draft Cruising Catamaran

C-C 40 Shoal Draft Cat Cropped












C-C 40 Sailing Catamaran 001


A Forty Footer without centreboards ; Usually I fit at least One board in my cats as I have sailed on too many without boards, that just DO NOT go to windward. But this ONE I am pretty happy with.

The mini keels are about One metre deep and are faired into an effective shape and into the hull that also allows the inboard diesels to be set lower (under the floor). The hull, deck cabin and cockpit are all of cedar strip plank over marine ply bulkheads.

The rig is tri-stayed cutter without back stays. The large cockpit has fuel tanks and storage under the floor and this raises the floor so as the crew can see over the cabin. In the aft end of the cabin is a magic galley that is 2m by 4.6m in front of this is a very comfortable dinette and lounge area 4m by 2.5m. In the hulls are Two double cabins a couple of single berths the Tlt. Shr. and vanity along with the engines under the floors.

A family of Five have lived onboard for several years cruising the Barrier Reef along the Queensland coast. 

Dimensions :-

LOA   12.5m  (41’)

Beam  6.925m  (22’ 9”)

Draft    1.1m  ( 3’ 8”) Yes she can take the hard.





C-C 40 Fast Cruising Catamaran

C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran


C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran 001


C-C 40 Fast Forty Sailing Catamaran 003





COMPU-CRAFT  -  C-C 40 Fast Cruising Catamaran 

This design was the result of an exercise to establish how to get the MOST BOAT for the LEAST COST and the BEST ALROUND PERFORMANCE for cruising SINGLE HANDED and above all it had to be SIMPLE TO BUILD.

Piece of cake!   No trouble at all!   After all -  Aren’t these the aims set out by every prospective builder. Well they may be BUT this time we made a special effort to achieve a BETTER compromise.

It was decided that our method of building in cedar strip plank was quick, cheap and lightweight, it also produced a very strong mono-cock strength in skin single structure. (The alloy frame method would now achieve even better results.) The idea was to make the hull and bridgedeck a single unit with enough volume to provide comfortable accommodation without the addition of a cabin top, combings or complex cockpits. (There is a fold-up biminy top over the steering position.)  The result the topsides are flared out for more internal volume, on the inside the cockpit is formed by the hull sides and a deep main beam at the mast position incorporating a large fairing in front of it that contains Two double cabins and a large stores compartment in the middle. The area between this beam and the aft beam is the cockpit, a large sunken deck that gives access to almost all parts of the boat without leaving its protection of being over a metre deep. In the aft port corner is the steering position with access to the port hull that contains the nav. and ablution areas. The s/board hull contains a third double bunk a large dinette and lounging area and the galley.

She has a single centreboard in the port hull and a tri-stayed cotter rig, after investigating many alterative and agreeing that the simplicity of this setup was a winner.

So the results is a big Forty footer that is simple to build and sail, easy to live with and will perform well in all conditions and feel safe in the process.

ANOTHER satisfied customer and I think he sailed off over the horizon and is enjoying live so much that I haven’t heard from him in years. LUCKY DEVEL.

Dimensions :-

LOA  40’   12m

Beam  23’ 9”   7.25m 





Compu- Craft C-C 43 Cruising Catamaran


NOTE ; This boat is a big brother to the C-C 37 Cruising Catamaran – See Page – C-C 32-38   9.8-11.6m Sailing Catamarans


C-C Alloy Frame KIT Sailing Catamaran > Study Plans > 32-38 Sailing Catamarans














DSCF0008 C-C 37 Sailing Catamaran Cropped


C-C 37 Sailing Catamaran Cropped


Above Photos Show Construction Method


C-C 37_0002


C-C 37 Sailing Catamarans 001


 Compu- Craft C-C 43 Cruising Catamaran


The C-C 43 is a spacious, capable cruising boat, with no gimmicks or frills. Just the sort of boat that gets there,  in spite of the weather, with little effort and maximum pleasure. The first boat to this design is intended for construction of cedar strip plank, a tried and proven method (They started as edge nailed strip planking. The first boat I designed for its use, was in 1953.) but now I would suggest our Compu-Craft Alloy Frame KIT system. The quickest and most cost effective way there is. (This has been done.) It can also use any other core (Foam,balsa or the like.) and fibreglass method or all aluminium construction. 

The C-C 43 is available with two accommodation layouts. Each has three separate double cabins plus a single bunk in the S/B hull and the workshop area in the stern of this hull could be another double cabin. The forward Portside cabin has access from the saloon cabin and has standing headroom and great vision of just where to boat is situated. (In one layout.) So there is no shortage of a place to rest one’s head. There is a laundry area is the Port hull and a vanity/ head in each hull. A sumptuous galley, dinette, lounge and nav. station occupies the saloon cabin.

On deck, there is provision, to drag the dinghy into the cockpit for the short trip home or stow it on the boarding platform as a more permanent solution. The motors are two four stroke outboards in wells through fairings under the bridge deck and accessible from the cockpit. The steering position is raised and will seat two in comfort, with a fold down table alongside the skipper with a clear plastic lid to cover the chart. (Where it is needed.)

The rig is a masthead cutter with roller furling headsails, NO RUNNERS or BACKSYAYS to impede the pleasure of fishing, IN ALL a SIMPLE boat.

Dimensions :-LOA  43’   13.125m

Beam  25’   7.66m

Draft Hull  2’   0.6m

Draft Board Down   6’ 6”   2m


The other design in this collection is the C-C 43 Family MS

the details are set out below and the first question should

be – What is MS?

MS stands for “MOTOR SAILER”. That’s right a Motor Sailer Catamaran.

This design has borrowed features from both Power and Sailing cats, such as Two large double cabins in the stern, along with a large hard

top covered cockpit, an elevated steering position that has 360 degree vision over the cabin top with seating for Three people, a huge

saloon galley and dining area. Top this off with Two spacious lockup tlt. shr. vanity and double cabin suites, again the engine rooms have

standing hd. room and miles of space round each engine.

The drawings here show the Power Cat version without a rig, but I am in the process of completing the sailing version. Note :- This design

has no centreboard,(It could have.) so it will not go to windward without some engine assist. However IT WILL GO VERY MUCH faster than

most other mono motor sailers on all other points of sailing. If long range cruising at constant above average speeds is a dream, then this

boat with its great accommodation and a Twenty HP diesel in each hull, will

be a very cost effective and convenient CRUISING MACHINE.        


C-C 43 Family MS037

The NEW DESIGNS that make up this range are listed below

Compu-Craft – C-C 43 Family MS Power Catamaran.

LOA.                13.3m              43’ 8”

LWL                 13.0m              42’ 7”

Beam               6.32m              20’ 9”

Draft                0.9m                3’0” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                  Cruise                       Call Up HP

21                                10kts                            7 / 8kts                        16

63                                15kts                            10 / 12kts                    30

137                              20kts                            15 / 17kts                    75

231                              25kts                            18 / 20kts                    131

375                              30kts                            24 / 26kts                    242

NOTE :-  The C-C 43 Family MS (Above) Can Be Rigged As A MOTOR SAILER. 


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