C-C 35

C-C 35 Cruising Yacht

Cruising Yacht 33 foot

C-C 35 Cruising Centre Board Yacht. I designed this boat for my own use, a few years ago and several variations of it has been built. My version had a Cat Ketch rig with unstayed masts and fully battened sails (no headsails) like a windsurfer and a centre cockpit. They have proven to be fast light FUN boats to sail, with spacious accommodation and many uneique features that set they aside from all others.

To date all of these boats have been built of cedar strip plank (W.E.S.T.) system and the secret of their performance, is their light displacement. A trend that has been inevitable in Yacht Design for more than One Hundred years and still many people avoid it like a contagious desease. Now this version uses the Compu-Craft alloy frame KIT system, that will make it even lighter and MORE FUN.

I have always loved light boats, their eager responsiveness make them great FUN to sail. Now any handy-man can assemble in record time a LOW COST, spacious cruising home, that requires NO WELDING, NO SPECIAL TOOLS or SKILLS and use one of several options available for the exterior skin that meets the builders preferenceses.

The C-C 35 is offered with the choice of several rigs, spacious accommodation, ultra shallow draft (board up), the abillity to dry-out between tides and sit upright. A true Queensland boat that is easy to live with. A full materials list will be posted here soon. This will allow you to fully COST THE BOAT before you even buy the FULL SIZE plans and assembley KIT.


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