Compu-Craft C-C 29

Compu-Craft C-C 29 Cruising Catamaran KIT

This is the design that started the aluminium framed Compu-Craft KIT method of construction, using a strong alloy tube frame (For light weight.) and marine plywood (For low cost.) covered with fibreglass outside (For protection.) and NO fibreglass inside AT ALL. No filleting, fairing or sanding back inside and the frame goes together in a SNAP using Compu-Craft C-C Clamps and joiners there is NO welding or special skilles required at all. Your YOUNG SON could build this boat and it would go together QUICKER than you would imagine.

aluminium framed Compu-Craft KIT method of construction

Here is a practical FAMILY boat with much more than is expected of TWENTY-NINE feet. If we board over the stern there is a full width boarding (swim) platform to a raised centre cockpit with under floor lockers and seats for more than a dozen people. A central steering position with immediate access to the mast, the nav. bay and the foredeck. There is, on deck stowage for the dinghy.

In the starboard hull is an aft double cabin, a dinette and a galley nearly Eight feet long with lkrs to burn and an oversize single bunk. Headroom is 2m. In the port hull there is another double bunk, a lounge you can lay back in and watch TV or read a book. (This is only a 29 footer.) There is a nav. bay that will take a full chart, out flat and ahead of the companionway is a large single bunk with all round vision. (Great for anchor watch.)

Alongside this is a vanity and an enclosed shower and toilet. The rig is NO GIMMICKS fixed mast cutter style, that is well stayed and simple to use. This really a GREAT family boat with room to live aboard and it SAILS.

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