C-C 20

C-C 20 Trailer Sailer

C-C 20 Trailer Sailer

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This plan was drawn and the first boat built, to test and prove the Compu-Craft Kit Boat principle and methods and all the components, jigs and building aids that were suggested for this NEW APPROACH to Kit Boat building and marketing. This is a WHOLE NEW WAY to not only supply and build Kit Boats for any Do-it-yourself home builder, it is also a method where the professional boat yard can manufacture a line of boats or one-offs WITHOUT the burden of moulds, jigs and templates that cost a fortune in TIME and MATERIALS and are really only the license to enable the builder to do as he wants. THAT IS :- Build A Boat. All the advantages that this system offers the Amateur is also available to the Professional.


C-C 20 Trailer Sailer

The C-C 20 Trailer Sailer "Something Different", is a collection of ideas and features put together each with a purpose that results in quite a different little fun machine. First up the purpose. Well it is not a racing machine although it sails well, this is a FAMILY BOAT Mum and the kids will love the following features:-
(a) It is nice and light so it is easy to launch and retrieve.
(b) It has a comfortable cockpit with direct access over the stern.
(c) It has standing headroom throughout centre of the boat.
(d) There is NO MAST or CENTREBOARD in the middle of the accommodation. (There are twin ballasted c/boards outboard of the galley cupboards)
(e) It has Four bunks and a table can be set up between the quarter berths to form a dinette.
(f) If it rains Four people can rest in the cabin in comfort.
(g) It has room for a proper galley. (Stove one side sink the other)
(h) Access to the fore deck is via the cabin and a deck hatch, so the kids can manage the forward-hand's tasks standing on the bunk, with little risk of a "man overboard".
(i) The rig is extremely simple, the masts are unstayed alloy tubes that telescope from the bottom section that is glassed into the deck. (NO STRUGGLING TO RAISE THE MAST)
(j) Running rigging consists of Two Halyards and Two Sheet Ropes.
(k) If left to dry out on the beach, it will sit upright.
(l) It is easily driven by a small outboard.

NEED I GO ON :- This boat will not know how to create a drama. Construction. This project will just click together in about as many hours as most other methods take days. THAT'S RIGHT it takes only a FRACTION of the time normally expected. The entire frame for the hull and interior is made up of a combination of square and circular alloy tubing fixed together with a range of specially designed (patented) C-C clamps (joiners) that do not rely on welding or gluing. They mechanically grip the tubing and are located by a few pop rivets. NOTHING COULD BE SIMPLER OR QUICKER. If you have read the Compu-Craft Home Page (of course you have) under the headings SPECIAL PROJECTS and Compu-Craft KIT BOATS you would have a fairly good idea how this Kit applies and some of it's advantages. The following under Contents of Kit and Plan Pack will also be helpful. The rig on this boat is simplicity itself, the masts gaffs and booms are tubular aluminum (aluminum) so they are light and easily handled. The sails are balanced Lugsails NO FLOGGING HEADSAILS, yes it could have a conventional sloop rig. There are Two ballasted centreboards that are raised and lowered by a simple tackle. The rudder recommended is of the dagger type that can be partly raised and still maintain control in the shallows.



LOA 6.12m (20')

LWL 5.68m (18' 7.5")

Beam 2.38m (7' 10")

Draft (boards up) 0.19m (0' 7.5")

Draft (c/boards down) 1.22m (4')

Sail Area 18.04 sq. m (194 sq. ft.)


Contents of KIT & Plan Pack :-

This pack contains a normal set of construction plans that consist of a full set of Lines Drawings and perspectives, FULL SIZE frame and bulkhead drawings, details and FULL SIZE patterns of the Stem Profile, Centreboard and Case dimension and construction details. Rudder details. Accommodation layout, details and dimensions. The Sail Plan details and dimensions, Rigging details and dimensions. A collection of C-C clamps (joiners) of appropriate styles to suit this design, a series of gauges and jigs and any other fittings and articles that go to make the construction job quicker and easier for the builder or that may not be available in his locale. Together with a list of materials (their description and dimensions) such as Resin, Fibreglass, Paint and Fillers (that cannot be transported internationally), Aluminium tubing and Plywood that can obtained locally (saving on international freight costs). You will notice that this is not a full knocked down kit of all the components needed to build your boat. What it is:- Is a collection of the Technology, Drawings, Instructions and Information together with Items, Aids and Materials that combined with common supplies that are readily available in almost any part of the world, will collectively make-up your boat. This is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way you can take advantage of this system. Oh I forgot it will take a little effort from yourself, too.

Cost Of KIT,Plan Pack and Copyright Permit or License:-

For the up to date Purchase Price and Procedures for Payment together with any Special Offers that may be available. Go to our PRICE LIST Page and lookup C-C 20 Trailer Sailer.

NOTE :- To enable you to establish approximately how much this project will cost, below is a list of articles and their quantities that you will need to purchase locally to complete this boat along with the Compu-Craft KIT & Plan P ack. These figures are approximate only and the list may not be complete, they are meant as a guide and an effort on our part to help you gain quotes and prices to assess the likely cost of A NEW LIFESTYLE.



Items Needed In Addition To The Compu-Craft KIT C-C 20 Trailer Sailer

Material Size Thickness No. of Sheets
Plywood 8' x 4' 3/8" 4
  2.4m x 1.2m 9mm  
Plywood 8' x 4' 1/4" 20
  2.4m x 1.2m 6mm  
Alloy Tubing Size Wall Thickness Total Length
Square Section 1" x 1" 1/18" 492 ft.(110 Lths)
  25.4mm x 25.4mm 1.4mm 150m (25 Lths)
Round Section 1 9/16" OS Dia. 1/16" 200 ft
  40mm OS Dia. 1.6mm 60m (10 Lths)
Fibreglass Type Weight Area Required
  Woven Cloth 10 oz. per Sq. Yard 66 Sq. Yards
    340 gm per Sq. m 55 Sq. m
Resin Type Weight Volume
  Epoxy 106 lbs 9 imp. gls
    48 kg 40 l.
  Undercoat (Hi-Build) 3 imp. gls
      13 l.
  Paint / Undercoat   4 imp. gls
      18 l.
Glue / Sealant say 10 carts.    
Acrylic for Windows (Ports) 1/4" to 3/8" 1x8'x4' 25 sq. ft. net
  6mm 2.35 sq.m Net 2.9 sq. m in Sheets


General Items Anchor & Chain / Rope

Motors & Installation

Anchor Winch (If unfit or retired)

Fuel Tanks

Lights & Electricals

Water Tanks

Deck Hardware

Navigation Aids

Tlt. Vanity & Shr. Fittings

Steering System

Galley Sink, Stove & Fittings

Launching Costs

Fridge / Freezer (carton beer)

Fishing Gear for Mum & Kids

A Good Wine for the Cook

Put all this together and I won't be the only one enjoying a Compu-Craft creation.

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