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C-C 40 to 44 Power Catamarans  :-  The Forty footers are a progression from these boats in the 30 - 38 foot range and most of them have been built using cedar strip plank.

The C-C 44 however is a break from One Off methods as these are moulded in Fibreglass out of a female mould and there are several under construction by different yards in Queensland. The mould for these hulls was built by Bruce Harris of “Shark Cat” fame and are therefore of good finish and A1 structure. These hulls are available for sale ready for home or professional completion of decks, superstructure and fit-out. The fist of them is now in the water.

The finished boats are big boats with sumptuous accommodation over three levels and are ideal for a day on the bay with up to thirty friends and family on board or extended live aboard cruising in the lap of luxury.

The first boat is fitted with 160 HP diesels per side and on sea trials achieved 18 kts. at 2000 RPM this is far above expectations, although she was still a light ship, with some finishing off yet to be completed. (Fly bridge is not yet fitted.) So fuel economy will be a strong point as it is with all of our power catamarans. 

Dimensions  :-

LOA     44’ – 48’  (14.5 – 14.5m) Depending on how the stern is finished.



C-C 45 – 80  13.7 – 24m Power Catamarans

If the contents of this Study Plan Pack > Power Catamarans > C-C 45-80  13.7-24m, is of interest to you, it can be saved to your computer for viewing.

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5  New  Very Economical Power  Catamarans


The "C-C 53 SunCoast 16.15m Fly Bridge Power Catamaran" - similar to the "C-C 43 SunCoast" will be listed here soon. It's Big Brother The "C-C 63 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran" will follow shortly after 

If you go to "Designs"< NEW DESIGNS< FIVE New Power Catamarans, more information on this range of designs is available.


Brief Details Are Set Out Below 

Compu-Craft – C-C 53 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran.

LOA.                16.15m            53’ 0”

LWL                 14.2m              46’ 7”

Beam               7.51m              24’ 7”

Draft                1.1m                3’7” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                  Cruise                          Call Up HP

27                                10kts                            8kts                              18

82                                15kts                            10 / 12kts                    36

165                              20kts                            15 / 17kts                    95

290                              25kts                            18 / 20kts                    153

450                              30kts                            25 / 27kts                    355

C-C 53 SunCoast Power Cat Small




 Compu-Craft – C-C 63 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran.

LOA.                19.08m            62’ 7”                         

LWL                 16.76m            54’ 9”

Beam               8.74m              28’ 8”

Draft                1.3m                4’26” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                  Cruise                          Call Up HP

91                                15kts                            12kts                            60

206                              20kts                            17kts                            124

390                              25kts                            18 / 21kts                    195

650                              30kts                            24 / 26kts                    385

800                              32.5kts                         25 / 28kts                    410 

NOTE :-  All these boats can be powered for more performance.




C-C 45 Power Catamaran


C-C 45 Power Catamaran

C-C 45 Power Catamaran Section A






C-C 47/50 Power Catamaran


C-C 47-50 Power Catamaran A

C-C 50 Power Catamaran At Launching Cropped 780


C-C 47/50 Power Catamaran is a classic Trawler Type power cruiser. This plan is for cedar strip planked (glassed inside and out) a spacious live aboard pleasure craft. She has ROOM TO MOVE and a STYLISH TRADITIONAL appearance together with the reliable acconomical performance of TWIN DIESELS with that all day, any weather 15 kt. cruising speed. There is also ample water and fuel to REALY GO PLACES in REAL comfort. This design is one of several in this line from 34 to 65 ft. and in the next few months Three more will be launched and with each launching goes a lifetime (even several generations) of FAMILY FUN and untold enjoyment. 

Details :LOA   47’       14.34m

Beam  19’ 8”  6m

Draft    2’ 2”  0.66m

Displacement  11.2 Tons

Motors  2 x 100 HP

Top Speed  17 Kts







C-C 61 Styled for Moulded Fibreglass or Strip Plank 






 C-C 61 Power Catamaran Cropped          


C-C 65 Pleasure Cats – Economical – Space and Grace


C-C 65 Power Catamaran C Cropped

 C-C 65 Power Catamaran Enhansed



C-C 80 It’s Somewhere On The Seas Out There.


C-C 80 Charter Sailing Catamaran 001
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